Today we have something very special for you: a delicious snickers shake! This amazingly tasty shake is great for better and faster muscle recovery as it contains pea and rice protein. It has around 60% protein content including all nine essential amino acids. In addition, the mix also supports weight loss and a better digestion. 

Other benefits of plant based protein are: low in saturated fat, free of growth hormones and antibiotics found in animal protein, alkaline-forming, easy to digest and better for the environment. The Your Superfood's Muscle Power Mix also contains banana, maca and lucuma powder which are good to balance out hormones and the production of red blood cells. 


  • 10g Muscle Power Mix
  • 250ml almond milk
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tbsp. organic peanut butter
  • 1 tsp. raw cacao powder
  • ice cubes


    • Blend all the ingredients until smooth.
    • Pour into a glass.
    • Enjoy! 

    vegan protein shake


    sknickers protein shake muscle power

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